About Move – The Book

Why It Matters to Speakers

There is a trend in speaking and presentations where clients demand more meaningful content that drives positive change. Speakers yearn to use themselves as an instrument of change in the lives of their audience. Many already have the topical expertise and could benefit from a process that enables them to touch the hearts and lives of the audience.

The Authors

Donna Brighton



A world class expert in organizational culture and change, Donna advises CEO’s, Directors and executive teams throughout the world to rapidly accelerate strategic outcomes. A recognized thought leader in the field of organizational change she recently was co-editor for the People & Strategy Journal special edition on change management. She is the President the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), a global organization dedicated to the advancement of the change management profession, and has served as a member of the Board of Directors since its inception. She is co-author of the Goal Achievement Workbook and author of the soon to be published Change Management Memory Jogger.



John F. Edwards



John is recognized for his expertise in change management, leadership development and executive coaching. He has been invited to share his knowledge around the world from South America to Canada and from Australia to Africa. John has held Leadership, Talent Development, Organizational Development or Training positions with some of the largest companies in the their respective fields. He is a published author of a success motivation book and is recognized as an expert in human development. He is a former newspaper columnist and playwright. He served as the Chairman for the board of Directors for the US Dept of Justice, Weed & Seed anti-crime initiative in Syracuse, NY. He has been appointed by Governors on both sides of the aisle to leadership roles supporting higher education in the State of New York. He is a highly successful award winning international speaker, trainer and coach.



Take a Peak Inside

Chapter 1: Create Lasting Change


You have a story, a critical idea or you want to change the world. You decide to speak in order to share the message, but are you really making a difference? MOVE people to make a change with a proven change and inspirational process.

Chapter 2: Assessing Your Impact


Is your presentation constructed to achieve the maximum impact? How to ensure that you are clear on the change and your “ask approach” uses the best thinking on change and neuroscience. Have you created authentic, audience-centric value?

Chapter 3: The Model


This framework gives you a clear and consistent pathway to take your audience to where they want to be and make a lasting decision to change… even though they may not have previously identified their desired state.

Chapter 4: Capture and Care


Understand the importance of fully engaging your audience and earning trust. Doing this creates an opening in their brain subsequently giving your permission to proceed.

Chapter 5: Create and Compel


Create the case for change that compels the listener to see the need for change. This chapter will show you how to acknowledge and engage with your audience at the emotional level before moving to the facts.

Chapter 6: Construct and Commit


Construct a future that is bigger than the present. Make the change clear and personally relevant for your audience by simplifying the change so it inspires the listener to commit to lasting change. Learn how to rapidly get the audience clear on how the change applies to their lives.

Chapter 7: Identify the Win


How do you know when lasting change occurs? We give you tips, tricks and insights on how you know you were successful. The MOVE model is applied to a wide range of presentation scenarios and the roadmap for developing your presentation is shared here.